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 Gutes telefon, zufrieden und für meinen gebrauch ausreichend. Durchschnittlich gut.
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2 Topcom Butler 300+ Dect Headset 1. Introduction Description of the Headset Charging the headset Put on the headset LED indications Turning the headset on/Off Register the headset Answering calls Make an internal call from headset to handset 1 Make an external call from headset to handset 1 Flash (Recall) function Troubleshooting Technical characteristics 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 8 9 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS · Only use the charger plug supplied. Do not use other chargers, as this may damage the battery cells. · Do not touch the charger and plug contacts with sharp or metal objects. · The operation of some medical devices may be affected. · The headset may cause an unpleasant buzzing sound in hearing aids. · Keep water away from the headset. · Do not use the headset in environments where there is a risk of explosions. · This headset uses a rechargeable battery: Lithium polymer 3. 7V that can not be replaced by the user. If you dispose this headset, you have to do this according to the national laws and bring it to collection point for Batteries. CLEANING Clean the headset with a slightly damp cloth or with an anti-static cloth. Never use cleaning agents or abrasive solvents. TOPCOM WARRANTY · · This equipment comes with a 24-month warranty. The warranty will be honoured on presentation of the original bill or receipt, provided the date of purchase and the unit type are indicated. During the time of the warranty Topcom will repair free of charge any defects caused by material or manufacturing faults. Topcom will at its own discretion fulfil its warranty obligations by either repairing or exchanging the faulty equipment...
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